Our company that we founded in 1990 with the passion of producing, by maintaining its continuous growth in the time, has been proudly carrying the leadership flag.

Our company succeeded in being accepted into the international markets with export to 52 countries abroad is proud to represent our country with success.

The main source of our success is to respond to the changing market demands with the flexibility and economical solutions without compromising the high quality. At this point, we have been making huge investments in technology and improving our machinery park with the latest technology. Bahçıvan Motor that improves the production structure with conscious and strong steps has been continuing product development without stopping by putting huge sources in R & D investments.

We as Bahçıvan family have been looking at the future with hope by the power of production.


We aim to transfer the freshness of open air to internal environments with the maximum efficiency and  create awareness of ventilation in users and society while presenting the most suitable fan for industrial applications. We set off with the slogan ‘For a breath of fresh air’,  comfort to human breath, comfort to applications and work for adding value to life.

We describe the main structure of this philosophy as follows;


Our Products:

From the first day, we have paid special attention to the quality as a priority. We combine our experience with  the highest quality materials and the latest technologies.

Our Customers:

They are the basis of our power and partners that we are empowered by running together.

Our Suppliers:

The suppliers of our continuous quality who take different responsibilities for the common purposes are our greatest supporters.


Our Team:

They are the source, followers and developers of this mission. They are in an effort to be useful to the society with the passion of continuous growth, accuracy and clarity. Work ethic is always considered as the most important.



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